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We have now before us the registration reports and bills of mortality of two

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The father of the patient, a butcher, suffered from heart

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majority of recorded cases this is not mentioned. — Archives of Pediatrics.

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and I could not persuade her that it would be necessary to take it that

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symptoms may persist for a week or two. With the subsi-

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J. K. , forty-five years of age, married, and a native of Ireland,

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1895. Feels as well as ever ; the neck swelling has gone ; is not tired by

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normal tissues surrounding this mass varied from one-fourth to three-fourths of

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Health of London, about twenty five years ago, that

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that the stomach was unusually free from food remnants. After

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It is no uncommon case for patients thus to have taken from

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micro-organismal invasions to give an idea of the origin of

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31, for phthisical ulceration. Thirty hours after the

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indigent pauper admitted to their wards. As, accord-

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This encyclopedia will be issued semi-annually until six volumes are printed

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to die that way, we shall not be hanged." He was right