for we find that in many clinics — and I doubt not in

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and on other parts of the body, in patients who become infected before

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of which he knew by heart, when all that was needed was,

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broke when the brain was removed. The fourth ventricle was only slightly

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take upon tliemselves if they hastily disturb the existing

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The patient died on July 12th, 1873, and careful notes were made at the

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340 Kingsland Street, Nutley; New Jersey 07110-1199

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ng the nerves just named. According to Valleix, idiopathic ceph-

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lives in the red cells of the blood. These latter may be subdivided

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advised the use of apparatus in the field hospitals. In the Tei'ah expedi-

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Hygiene Department, Royal Army Medical College, who has assisted

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terests of cities and towns so affected. Every person in-

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was only mentioned occasionally and received no direct or thorough

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the most probable diagnosis seemed to be di.sseminate sclerosis, while at

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i pallid i i '1 or scarcely perceptible heart's actionj feeble pulse,

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At the morning session the annual reports, of the Secretary and Treas-

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work. Chemistry, indeed, as the basis of vital dynamics and

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peculiar septic influence, which may at certain periods, under certain con-

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through a Reichel filter. The fluid thus obtained must

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hypodermically. The temperature in pneumonia and in

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Under the present system coroners are empowered by the Medical Witnesses I

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Sir Charles Blicke's bequest to the Library £300, making

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biles in the United States, or just about twice as many as there

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these oocarrenoes the presence of albumen appears to attend the rapid

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Dr. Gteorge B. Philhower has been re-elected president of

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among Hebrews. Among 25,000 Jewish patients, for ex-

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Paul, president; Dr. Grace Roth, Rochester, first vice

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enveloped in some thick soft covering, and when he stands or walks that

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reading were simply muscular transferences, but that there was

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The essential peculiarity of the Homoeopathic pharmacy

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less tense and oppressed, and to render the motion of the blood