require a local resection of the injured area. Large
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groups : metastatic, occuring only in pyemic condi-
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this doctrine were required, the author might appeal to the
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assisted probably in all but Ager water, by a small quantity of lime.
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— A. Stoli'el {Zcilschrift fiir orllwpdd. Chirurgie,
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in the practice of different individuals. By continental physi-
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Bigger operated on two rabbits by a mutual transplantation. In
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a child under such circumstances, as all other means of relieving
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structed circulation and interference with the nervous trunks.
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process and will eventually cause the patients to be-
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the ultimate consequences of the excision would not have been
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be reported to the Department of Physical Training.
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"We have substantially stated the relations between medical
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abundance in the tissues and the equilibrium of the
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will be extracted by immersing savine leaves in melted lard,
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44, the child weighing at this time seventeen and a
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with Goitre to the extent of half their population. This rock is com-
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is 'Liquor to be drunk or liquor for drinking,' " and
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soft, thin, and very yielding. There is no difficulty in under-
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radiated to the side of the neck, to the back of the
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established fact that the plaintiff went to a party the night of
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funds and endowments. The charters of our universities, col-
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that of the generality of villages in its vicinity, but in none of these
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health problems. Another thing I have found — the
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tics showed that the extra and transperitoneal cer-
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continence, according to his experience, rarely occurs in the
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to the conclusion that one could not get a psychosis
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itself. These facts were offered for consideration,
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function it is to take care of the sick. I have had
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one or two courses of treatment may be sufficient to
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Instructor in Genitourinary Surgery, Fordham University School of
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On the following day the patieiU went into collapse
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services of other professions — that is, to meet the various needs
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" to regard Goitre as a particular variety of Scrofula: in this
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tletailed conception of this epileptic religiousness
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tion should then be boiled not to exceed three min-
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rus exerting a power sufficient " to overcome the resistance offer-
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were evaporated to dryness by solar heat, to which they were daily
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alike to the physician, the sociologist and the laity.
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within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. The diffi-