very important one to keep in mind. There was a class of nu-
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As the veins into which the trunks of the absorbent vessels dis-
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The chief feature of the November Century is undoubtedly
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color, and then no longer are eSsLced by the finger, proving that blood
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in diameter. The pustules dry up in a few days with the formation
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closets and then rinsed out. The department agreed to this inno-
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quantity of ointment. At 3 P.M. the dose is repeated, and the
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Robert E. Kravetz. He is also indebted to Oglesby Paul for
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quity extended from above downward and inward ; also to
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uterine trouble, though this she made light of, referring every symptom to the
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1. Surgeons have not yet devoted sufficient attention
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the opinions of a considerable number of physicians
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non, Med. Rec, N. Y.. 1899, Iv, 781-783. — Spillniann
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bursts at a certain time and sends forth a whole generation of fully
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in the country for six weeks, in the hope that her vigour would
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their medical studies, have acquired the least knowledge of these
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scalp, and from spots of trophoneurotic alopecia seated in portions of
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not at liberty to suppose that the preliminary change
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niotic sac, only in Douglas's pouch the peritonseum was covered
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they ; sometimes endothelial cells are also very numerous at the com-
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from a wider and more liberal standpoint, and will probably say,
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as to Whether the Local Symptoms are Affecting the Body as a
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The modern bullet * * * is practieally useptie. and there is no urgency for
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calomel, each grs. xx., to be given at once, and repeated every two
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monary gangrene, with formation of a cavity in the lower lobe of the left lung. The gen-
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The Joseph B. Lowenthal Fellowship in Chemistry, endowed by Mr. Berthold
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to the cord) and of Schiff were not in accordance with the
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not necessarily raise the opsonic index, since there are certain substances
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complained bitterly of the after-pains ; she mentioned
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" The formation of an artificial joint in the ramus of the jaw has
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