shown in the accompanying diagram, for which I am indebted to

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students of nervous diseases, of insanity, and of crime,

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" Their average income is only 3s. ll^d. per adult per

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reflexes; 7, amblyopia (esF>ecially on the side opposite the

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the sac. He read so little that he fell into the error of

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rated, without any very violent or long continued labour. At

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with subnormal temperature the pulse was 100 ; in all of my cases

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& Hedon. Sur la presence du glycose dans I'ceil nor-

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of benign rectal adenomas : (1) The gelatinous, com-

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normal 82.1 per cent were above and only 7.1 per cent below their

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ulcer. The latter, however, is a rare disease as compared with the

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given off by cooling processes being nearly equal. This girl's

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noninstitutional pellagrins in Spartanburg County and we purpose to

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the nose, the lip was separated and the flap then reflected. After this

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five other children in the family. Only one, a boy of three,

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gall again, and used almost every thing else of reputed value without

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conical bulbs threaded with points upward. The stricture is thus

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this method he was either struggling or asphyxiated. His

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cousin ; had six children, four boys and two girls ; his wife died of

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the effect is said to be due to the stimulation of the sensory nerves.

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neurasthenia there is a general weakness of the neurones of the

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correspond to the horizontal limb of the fissure of Sylvius in the greater

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Cullen Bloodgood, of Biltimore, and J. O. Skinner, of Cham-

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forms assumed by the trachelismus, or of the muscies contracted, and of the

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given on both sides. The princij^al witnesses for the

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technic involved in such peace-time programs as diphtheria

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Many neurologists have unfortunately not kept up with recent ac-

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in his expectation of finding an excess of urea when the symp-

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dissolve potassium acetate and sodium bicarbonate to-

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state, should be regarded as hysteria. Epilepsy, so far from depending

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