investigating the condition of the outside of the bone and tendon,
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journals, there has been, so far as I know, a unanimity of opinion
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of the powerful buccal lancet. The epithelium is drawn into the buc-
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progress in medicine and surgery. Under the general editorial charge of
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subject to clonic spasms, and to the band appeared very much less warm
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as a preliminary piocedure in extirpation of cancer
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geon has had to apply the saw a second and a third time, to
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indulged in this vice for at least six years ; and the mental condition as
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egyrical filth-drug collection" (panegyrische Dreck-ApotJtek) ;
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Cobbold "has tried to induce the ciliated embryos of the
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said, in securing a building and equipment. The in-
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gether with some |)ious tokens of appreciation of a local
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next step must be that it will take upon itself the control and
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carried the medicine into the mouth, and the cow was
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delivered the woman advised removal of the tumor at once. The
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— " Well, gentlemen, as you object altogether to Mr. Wal-
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insipidus. Various remedies, including tonics and regulation of diet, have
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be required to relieve the paroxysmal pain, and stimu-
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the lines of progress. Therefore, representing such a profession as you
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account of the insanitary privy, just as the whole State was suf-
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65 cases in which the intussusception could be reduced
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digestion. The various dysentery bacilli and the StreptoeocciLS pj'-ogenes
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Disturbances of function, such as motor paralysis or sphincter involve-
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wise measure, and one adopted by experienced sports-
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and his occupation different, if he could afford to take a long rest from
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exciting causes of cholera morbus, such as irregularity and excess in
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Tuesday, Junf ISth: t'olorado State Medical Society (Den-
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had been bitten by a rabid dog, with the preventive virus,
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opposed. Let me state, then, that I have found mild laxatives
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impossible to institute a just comparison with the armies of Virginia, Tennessee, and
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Boston until the outbreak of the Civil War, and then
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ephemeral fever, herpetic eruptions about the lips the result of