rumbling noise in the ear by strongly contracting their orbiculares,

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(c) Specificity. It is recommended that the serum be used

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private asylums these proportions are 25'7 and 34 - per cent. These

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to symmetry. Occasionally the elements are grouped in lines, rings,

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cellular infiltration ; while the horny layer of the epidermis was still

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and of the separate fingers, — the instinctive tendency of a child is to imitate

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form of disease — Hydroa gestationis — which has been included under this

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attributable to septic troubles. Septic troubles may arise from large

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but these do not constitute the largest proportion of published cases.

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structure, and are partly subcutaneous ; with these the greatest difficulties

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one of these amateurs of the lancet, Lord Chesterfield called

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sionally successful ; namely, warmth, promotion of the circulation and

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permanganate of potash (3 per cent), of silver nitrate (10 per cent), or in

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transverse form ends in softening, or is associated with ascending sclerosis

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himself ; even if he have placed himself under control and provided that

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infrequently, acute attacks of mania occur during the course of the

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Happily he is dead now^ though I make no doubt that other

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normal shape, their size only being altered. The colour-fields are reduced

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fever, acute cerebral meningitis, tuberculous meningitis,, etc.) ; (iv.) dia-

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knowing himself to be so, it was Dr. Garth." How cor-

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sharply by some change in the physical or chemical properties of

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depth and duration. It may last for long periods, and may pass off gradu-

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likely to be obtained is the anus, where condylomata are so apt to occur,

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of chronic course with febrile exacerbations, must for the present be

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relief. As soon as the force is withdrawn the muscles generally become

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are maintained throughout the illness. In very protracted cases, however,

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observer found, in the early stages, changes principally in the papillary

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(7) Stippling. The cells contain a fine or coarse dusting of

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changes. There are some persons, and by no means those in whom the

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has been described as hephestic palsy, and which occurs in those who

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Nell Gwynn's physician, did more mischief than a troop of

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be harshly thrust aside and escape even medical recognition. Were this

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