bleeding; blisters must not, however, be forgotten. There is ano-

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* Notk. — I have seen two cases of scrofulous ulcers whose fistulous edges and spreading

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so much as to fatigue him beyond endurance, or deprive him of the neces-

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are equal to. The association was presided over this year by

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It was simple, non-indurated in character, and was healed in a

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The cause of failure has been, the author believes, due to

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minating in one of extraordinary violence and duration, in which

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was up, and attending to his occupation, on the seventh day,

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tained in the lungs, is all consumed. And, accordingly, in

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practical effect upon our knowledge of disease, is of compar-

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It was now decided to operate. I cut down, and exposed the fal-

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it with slops, and it vnll go with the " chocolate."

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only be accounted for by supposing that the periosteum detached from

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should have been expected in a bad case of oblique fracture, in a

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were occurring in rapid succession, like the effect of shocks from an elec-

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Third Day — Thursday, October. 7, 1897 — Morning Session.

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peritonitis mercury is not advisable, indeed it will aggravate mat-

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from the anterior extremity to the mouth. The facial artery

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finger. The sac of this cyst was not distended with fluid, and by

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cary administer his choicest drugs to the glutton, or the intem-

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and those that have money (I speak here on the supposition that the ex-

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turgescence in the veins, unless the animal struggles, and,

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cancer, and made accurate notes of the effects produced by it.|

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to regard that particular plea with great favor, so long as the question it

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after the vertex has been fully adjusted — that, although it is most

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editorial fraternity who control certain disgraceful journals, we have repeat-

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empty them. Muscular action doubtless causes an increased

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thus augment the general interest felt in the Society, by the Profes-

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on this subject. It required a larger dose still to overcome this

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the President, Dr.Meeker. The members in attendance left for their

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