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I prefer to start with gas-and-ether sequence, and then go on to open

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three doses per day for ten or fifteen days, and two of the half-

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pendent sources, that the true rationale of " apnosa" is

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ined by the use of the warm bath and guarding against vicissitudes

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Other Symptoms. — Renal neoplasm may produce symptoms due to

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impaired nutrition. Repeated epistaxis is not uncommon. After a time

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which Is eminently calculated to benefit the community at large, as

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ence of many surgeons, we are of the opinion that the practice is not so

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intermediate position. There are cases in which some local irritation, for

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Melbourne Hospital from phthisis in fourteen years,

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v, 178. — Barqcz (R.) Cztery przypadki podwiijzania

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Schroeder (1886) notes but slight increase of intra-abdominal pres-

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this symptom than any other expedient resorted to. His fever terminated

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Glasgow hospitals ; and also to discuss the treatment by

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which today promised most ; this was the development

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382 prints. These outside applications include requests from

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versity. His collection of Eadiata in tliat museum is one

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1%7. Pechin, Sercius P., 1910 Garrett Rd., Lansdowne, Pa. (19050)

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served the oxidative processes maintained during hunger do not decrease

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underserved areas placed less importance on “access to med-

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generation or impaired nutrition of the organ.* The danger, it is to be

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of the i^hosphate of iron, quinine, and strychnine may be prescribed

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to account for the idiocy apart from consanguineous influences.

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nous sinus and enters the orbit through the sphenoid fissure. Since the superior

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order to pay for their promised tax cut. The battle over

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rich harvests from the unfortunate and ignorant. It is now known

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exception to this truth seldom occurs, when the substituted disease is

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not get it through any water or milk, for both were

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the spectrum are known by the color of green. This green

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II. The Functions of the Anal Sphincters, so called,

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Symptoms. — Dyspnoea, cough, and scanty expectoration.