chronicity and to more or less permanent change in the joints or structures
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the intervals of the paroxysms, which occur more frequently and with
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later loss. Then the treatment should be one that avoids prolonged
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Cystic Ov^bies — are drawn into the vagina and the cysts punct-
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confines himself to the employment of the metallic cautery,
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Donnell, in the paper mentioned, occupies himself principally with
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in the larynx sixteen hours, and relieving the laryngeal
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again become unavailing, and require the renewed application
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sion, till- |)atient C()m|)laine<l of i)ain on the superior
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mortem examination, was ab"ut tlie same as on the fifty-third day after admission.
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for three days ; the head was affected, the tongue furred, no
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On motion of Dr. Taylor, of Iowa, its consideration
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was filled with sick, dying and dead, there was not a microscope or a
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Again, he states "that paralysis depends either upon
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modelled for application to the sides of the pelvis
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or on certain nutritive changes of the system connected with struma, can<
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Three kinds of rays or emanations are given off from the bromide
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gested cylinder does not exceed 7 mm. within the time of observation. 6 If the
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also its medullated structure, as exhibited by sections
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sible. The chief difficulties in the operation lie in the depth
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gist Moritz Roth. In 1872 he published two classic papers
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sinians who visit the port of Aden, invariably bring with them a
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branches of the pulmonary arteries were calcified to a slight extent. In some
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monly occasion to exert it ; and it is therefore a power only of
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L' idroterapia nella febbre tifoide e la discussiouo alia Ac-
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muscular interstices ; these may already be large and painful before
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tuberculous. I have shown before the Section an old man with a papillo-
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of pellagra in April, 1909, five months before his birth, and she had mild
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In the first class of cases you ought to respect these
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toms referable to the cord. One of the earliest symptoms is the loss of the knee