any evidence of choking. The spinal fluid was negative. The

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frothy sputum. An edema of the lungs is present with many

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left lobe of the liver could not be discovered on percussion. She died

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light, together with its being the highest principle in man's existence, when electri-

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gravel, mercurial poisons, imperfect menstruation, wearing heavy skirts, tight-lacing,

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With an experience now of over 200 cases we are able to

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fibres always exhibiting it with great distinctness. The longi-

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the first mentioned being circumscribed gangrene of the skin.

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head is as large as all the rest of the body, and distinctly shows two black dots for

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ether con6 again applied for two or three minutes. Some small

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gleet and seminal discharges, in both sexes ; a white mucus gleet in ladies, offen-

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when judiciously used. But there are extremes in its use, which all should avoid.

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41. General adhesions, the patient dying exhausted during their

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of observation was much shorter. When first seen the history

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The young and old, the small and great, of all animate nature, breathe and live in

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synovia ; tears ; mucus of the nose ; cerumen of the ears ; saliva ; pus ; semen ;.

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children of a lymphatic temperament. Let us again impress upon

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of egg and milk in the boy's diet, and with that end in view to

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animal immunized against a disease, which neutralizes the lyssins

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One-quarter pound chopped or scraped beef, slightly browned in the pan.

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and other viscera of the human being, with heads and Bin

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looked upon as asthma, no matter how young the infant; and

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The diseases treated of in this work, and their causes, prevention and cure, have

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I 1 17. who died prior to 1841, in that State, was 58.79; and of 169

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between the walls "i a prison, and in company with old and hardened men, has en-

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gratify; your nature in the legitimate way. Excess in anything con-

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sided. From increasing weakness he was obliged to give up work

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pollution, and less of undivided love. At least, there is much greater probability of

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