should be put into force as speedily as possible, and local as
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hydronephrosis is grave in proportion as the liability to unemia is developed.
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wire ; 3, a vibrator of the reed type ; and 4, a second-
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years the disease ceased suddenly, without any assignable cause, and
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The next meeting of the Society will be held at Mauston, Dec. 6, 1904.
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to be considered pathogenic, inasmuch as they can be detected
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said meeting, and to notify the same to the fellows of said Medical
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thoroughly with a needle and then left for further developments.
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think it very probable that in manipulating about the gall-duct
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and by being phiced in a great chair near the bed-side, or by being
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headache and dizziness were quite constant. The symptoms observed
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undue attempts to remove the placenta after abortions, and it was
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in sufficient quantities. We need, then, to add but the three chief
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quantity of blood out of proi)ortion to the reduction in the weight of the body.
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aging on the cardiovascular system of disease-free elders
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of sweetened lemonade. A, glucose, 100 gm. in 300 c.c. of water.
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fibres destroyed by pai'enchymatous or by pseudo-waxy metamorphosis takes
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to try to escape — warmed, and offered food — died in about ten
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the patient lay on his back. It must be remembered that a
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alkalinity of the blood plasma appears to assist in the
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gradual exhaustion, or by the supervention of acute symptoms and coma,
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a fact of diagnostic value is to be found in a tenderness of the ureter
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Condensed from Phonographic Reports for the Medical and
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One of tiie consultants thought that the diagnosis was acute hydro-
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tiying to separate the finger and thumb against the pursed-up lips ; in a
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to be assumed, with a degree of probability almost amounting to cer-
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2. Algid Stage. — The dejecta of the preceding period change in character,
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the respiratory muscles, but not by imitating the modem plan of practising
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> VirehaMf9 Archw, 1847, i. 378. ' Ziegler, op. ciL, 100.
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station in the particular county, and dividing the sum thus
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blood that is already in them. Second, pressure being
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medical men, who all at the same age left hopes unfulfilled and
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powder, paregoric, or syrup of poppies should be given
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tution may be so weakened by such bleeding as to prevent the
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the peritoneum. This was found adherent, and so the abscess,
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should naturally expect a pretty uniform psychical disturbance
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under the author's name are treated as strictly confidential. We can
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fession. It is pleasing, too, to note that the sentiments
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in the vascular part (anterior) of the optic nerve. The shaded parts correspond to the macula
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