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of convalescence and final cure. It demands a full comprehension
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Professor Syme : From what I can gather, it appears that
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Observation XI. — A girl, aged nineteen, three years ago
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of meningitis occurred about the same time in the same street.
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Dr. Bennett has collected many examples of metastasis, as it
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Let us now pass on to consider, from the clinical point of view,
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sisted by Surgeon F. Rogers, U. S. N., and Drs. C. H.
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articles and discussions that have come before the medical profession
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born, from gonorrhoea! or leucorrhceal infection, while in adults many
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1. Herbst AL, Kurman RJ, Scully, RE: Vaginal and cervical
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yet it might be useful to refer to some of the difficulties
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had been applied, and seven days after the child had been put in the