In a series of experiments extending at intervals through seventeen days,

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usually in association with swelling of the pharynx or with some external

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Nightly diarrhoea; stools very changeable, loss of taste or bitter, fatty,,

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the most part only a case that is either acutely ill or is of great

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with the galvanic current, the electrode being placed

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Electric Arc Spectra. The difference in effect is in degree

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The World's Anatomists, Concise Biographies of Anatomic Masters, from

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examination of the blood reveals nothing pathognomonic. In severe

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had suffered from haemorrhoids, which latterly, however, had not bled. In

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condition of collapse ; severe cyanosis ; fever to the last only

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arsenic and mushroom poisoning ; and toxaemias resultiijo-

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tion, intellectual decadence, and moral perversion.

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Kulnew, by Brieger's method, separated from the contents of such

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14. That we may expect a mechanical device for fixation inde-

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when empyema of the gall-bladder, suppurative cholangitis, or of

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case does not warrant us in believing that the trouble was due to either

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phlegmonous erysipelas, so called, it may be well questioned whether

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Yet no one wiD deny but what radical operations have

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composition in the tubes; if it does occur the examination should be

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vaccinal properties. When brought to this condition the attenuated

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the cord. When the hemorrhage is extensive, it may burst through the

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senic useful adjuncts to other treatment. He also gave

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If the corresponding requirements are present, especially if a dry

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its appHcation. It is specially fitted for thoroughly crushing the

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of collodion in the treatment of strains and sprains, I am inclined

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starch, gruel, weak broths, soft-boiled eggs, milkj and thoroughly

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agencies having a like action and generated within, he may

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tom of the clear gelatin. Clinging to the side of one

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pus-corpusdes generated upon the free surface, but they are also

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others to test what the action of the salivary secretion is on the

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this mode of origin in the superior portions of the spinal axis. In the first case, the

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a refined and speculative system of words ; by recondite and

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to us all the honor and credit we claim. But so long as they shall feel

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through the antiseptic coverings of the wound, .\fter

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second and sixth layer of the cortex, and appeared to be ac-