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as follows: '* I have a cute pain in my baby's stummick.

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the second and third stages of pulmonary tuberculosis. Nuttall calculated that

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deformed and useless limbs, among patients of the empirical bone setter.^*

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cleated cells. Special regard must, of course, be had to the

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Physicians are invited to communicate, at any time, uith our Baby Welfare Department. Write today for

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Treatment — ^The natural treatment will be to stimulate the action

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in the middle of the day, and a light breakfast and supper.

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hundred and ninety-five of the Revisal of and ratified this the — day of February,

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lication, may have his annual assessment remitted for the year next ensuing,

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must be disposed of daily, and converted into some other

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the first cigarette does not induce this deathly nausea.

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Dr. A. Palmer Dudley, of New York ; " Laparotomy in

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