ingly small bodies, which multiply by fission, and are often arranged in
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salts, as sulphis, genitive sulphit-is ; nitras, genitive nitrat-is ;
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heart, ventricular fibrillation, and perhaps other abnormalities of the
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contagion, to travel as far as he can, but the minute life is gone, his dead body,
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trophy of the heart's substance ; but it is now known that this was a
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and adenoids play in the causation of deafness. The association is
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patients Loreuz has used wood corsets made on a model, and more
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of the lower jaw, forming a conspicuous external swelling. It
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to Stillwater, crossing Robert street at Fifth, one block
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death of son of, 32 1 ; resignation of as physician lo
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during the night. Unfortunately, in neither case could an autopsy
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cod-liver oil, or by milk, eggs, bacon, and other substances rich in fat.
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clusion that the tissues during inflammation actually return
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To prevent lateral movement of the fragments , the thigh is sur-
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fects will be greatly promoted by mild tonics, steel in particular, and
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could be said. The pathologist’s diagnosis of multiple
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to equalize the circulation, and direct the determining
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Frederick H. Falls, Chicago; Milton E. Bitter, Quincy;
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recorded two or three cases in which tubercle of the maxillary sinus occurred
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may artificial immunity against diphtheria be secured? (c) How may immunity
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circumstances, that is, when it is very dry, it has been shown that