for change of air, and to consult a medical friend.

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Society, died at the Mary Fletcher Hospital on Jan-

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only the adductor muscles, and that the abductors have no representation

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Malarial; Tabular View of the Changes of the Blood, Urine, Circulation, Tem-

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Eli/,;ibeth Chant, pct. Q>'3^ admitted into Alice ward, January

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associated with anaesthesia of the sole of the foot.

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Cyrus D. Morrill, H.D., New York University, 1859, one

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alternation every five minutes. Soon an improvement set in. In

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when the patient had a severe hemorrhage after her regular period. The hemorrhages

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the symptoms, with nausea, vomiting, hiccough, etc. ; after death, an abscess

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^^ Samples of 200 each of the Pills (one or all) and 2 oz. Tolu Anodyne, sent by mai

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dark, and no brightness can be seen ahead, when life's burden seems

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doned by his physician, the pulse remaining tolerably steady, recovery took

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gard to the bacteria which exist in the vagina nor-

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Dr. Townsend said that the statement had been made that injury of

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in general was slight. It was about 3 per cent, upon the " Benbow,"

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the vicinity, they were thoroughly policed, and the sinks were provid-

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A nervous boy, aged fourteen years, was shot in the eye with an

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(Pi) Circle with Fl Inside indicates female pellagrin.

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revealed primary arteriosclerosis involving particularly the renal arteries, cardiac

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be knowledge, but a mere intellectual puff'ball, which,

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the examining units for a period of nine days every applicant showed

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respiration may be heard on auscultation in certain situations. In other

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of subsequent convalescence would be greater if she selected

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1890, vi, no. 13, suppl., 20-22.— Vulliet (M.) De I'iucision

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in regard to the wound, the patient's body, the bedding, and everything