Tetanus from hypodermic injection of <iuinine. 480 ;
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The instrument exaggerates this feature of the sphygmogram.
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J The deaths in Manchester and Bristol include th-^e ol paupers
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Dr. M. F. Coomes : I was much struck, some weeks ago, at the
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weights were obtained at 8 a. m. On days marked with an A, fluids were
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tissue, which has been shown by Robin to be one of the
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observing a small corpuscle, lying sometimes near a bigger one,
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that sitting in the confined direction of a breeze,
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It may prevail at any season, but, owing to the mode of life and the closer
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and to suffer disorder of their functions from sympathy.
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when the precipitate caused by these substances is at once dissolved.
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cases ; and though it did not succeed in all, it did in most of
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Also: Bull.' med.. Par., 1887, i, 243-24.1. . Effets
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additional “designated health services” increases the com-
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calomel, each grs. xx., to be given at once, and repeated every two
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upon the patient being bitten by a rabid dog, the wound
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September 1840, James Green left this country for New South Wales, and he
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disposed of in either of three entirely di-tinct ways.
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with dextran infusion, Proc. Soc. Exper. Biol. &
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carbon electrodes when the gap is from J to f of an
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the very commencement of the morbid process are swollen and opaque. And
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lactation, starvation and exposure, are of practically universal