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I cannot close this article without calling the attention of the medical

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If, however, your patient is very fleshy, the knee-chest

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to control the salivation ; small doses of Opium, should

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in the same manner as in the preceding cases. The op-

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" System of Medicine/' the writers say (vol. v. p. 1055), in speaking of

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Hyperaesthesia of the Prostate is a condition frequently

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Hypotbeoes advanced by Thomas Willis. Doctrines of the successors of Willis, and more especially of the school of

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On the contrary, the improvement, when it occurred, has usually

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and they are then held in air-tight connection with the part of the body selected

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beauty," she said, " because everyone knows I have none, and it cannot

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Medical School in 1919. He has practiced in Saint Paul

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A third method of diagnosis is the strictly medical, which