now, six months later, all acute pain has disappeared, and the monthly
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'The whole of the small intestine was contained in a sac, which
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from attacks of small-pox. The protective qualities of vacci-
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marked success by the same process in cases of sewer-gas
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covery of ancient rolls or books at a later age The Medical
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.Vtkins submitted that the presentation of the claim, of which he had no
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whilst other pessaries may be bad in principle or ill-made by
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ments made for ensurirg continuity. But it is only reason-
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It is very satisfactory that the Pkarmacopaia has admitted
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is to be ^ewn into a pocket on the inside of the skirt of the soldier's
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Surgeon of Rajahmundry, is appointed District Surgeon of Malabar. ,
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Frankland and H. Marshall Ward. This report, for a copy of
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- Five Cases of Intracranial Lesions, with Defects in the
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age have died. The presence of brain substance, if ascer-
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washed in Van Swieten's liquor, and afterwards in recently
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Suhgeon-Majoh v. Adams, M.D., Madras Establishment, Residency Sur-
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localities free from small-pox. Three other persons attacked
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Paget, S.aiford; Dr. C. W. Philpot, Croydon; G. K. Pitcairn, M.S.,,
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Witness said that in the case of delirium tremens the
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to give a certificate. Of course a great deal of misapprehension
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retire through ill-health before promotion, the far-reaching
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than acute renal dislocation could be found for these cases,
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Necropsi/.— On placing the brain, stripped of the dura, on a
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Atkins further stated that, after paying all liabilities, there was a balance
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of self-interest," lie is only suggesting to us a measure of the
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medical school just established in connection with the Unt"-
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attended with something very closely approaching to pain.
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ance company sliould see the patient's medical man in the first instance,,
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division of the fifth was the only nerve paralysed on the left
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method of cooling fever patients was the "air bath," as it
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persons, the operation having been performed respectively
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lO.^'to lii2ii. and the amount of sugar was barely sufficient to turn the
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wave, caused great devastation upon the Peruvian coasts, and amongst
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occasion is said to have given additional reasons for refusing, which, if
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working of the Society ; and Dr. Heron, the treasurer, and Dr. Cleveland,
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sion of women students to the hospital." The Committee
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With regard to castes, judging by the condition of atiairs in
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and Physician-in-Ordinary to the Queen in Scotland : Dr. C.
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unmarried. Applications to tlie Secretary by May stti.
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num, with furnished apartments, board, attendance, and washing.
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application to physiological purposes, and that as iDoth must
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H. Cattle, Nottingham; Mr. N. C. Collier, London. i» Mr. H. Davies,
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Your interests will be best consulted if I first briefly
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liberate review of a body of evidence on the causes, nature,
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prescription. However, it usually agrees well enough when
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of the precise character and objects of the research which is