greatest importance to be attached to the periodical examination and

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the bromides, and opium were used persistently, but the

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i neck of the uterus, and from the sensation imparted to the finger by the

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the hangman's rope, even the noose of it, and that was

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becomes more or less extensive, eventuating in what is commonly called

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be killed by an overdose of culture which causes death by poisoning

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liberal man can travel comfortably without giving it, ought,

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possibility of such a distinction. We hope the experiment

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nal operations. He had done 403 vaginal hysterectomies,

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and the consequent duration of the disease. These variations depend

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up to a few years ago there was little or no consumption of

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course which pressure from without the Council has induced us to try.

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and I think then the success would have been complete. . . .

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opening the abdomen the foetus was found to have left the

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to be communicable except by a process of inoculation, the poison being

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37 days before ;' exhaustive suppuration ; pyaemia (?) ; no

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birds with a well-developed sternal crest and considerable power of

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birth, the patient had complained of nightsweats which she

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with cruupy symptoms, he had applied iodoform in powder,

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their experience toward the accumulation of statistics,

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their classes and become men of learning or intellectual

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one part and a half of glycerine contains two-fifths its

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old persons (Oertel). The formation of false membrane may begin in

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patients so treated almost always increase in weight.

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his practice for the past three years, in cases in which there

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last year three hundred and ninety-eight cases were

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E,EV. Professor Haughton read a " Scientific Inquiry into

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locality, causing the district to approximate, for the time, to the

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" I've lost my health, my nerves are shattered. For the

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stomach, and even, as 1 have seen, the irritative pain pro-

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fluenza. Those so affected are especially phthisis, emphysema, dilated

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