jutors, who introduced into modern surgery the art of healing bv the first in-

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always danger of cutting them while this is being done, and should this

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long time under an obstinate gouty affection. From a repetition of the gouty-

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administered in the homoeopathic dose, in which case, though it does no mis-

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terior surface of the legs the palms of the hands and the soles of

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has bilateral, temporal headache. She perspires readily, even in cold

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subcostal angle, retraction of the lower end of the sternum, and

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off of the affected part. Five days after the operation, on the 29tli, deep sloughs

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polynuclears, 67 per cent.; polynuclear eosinophiles, 8 per cent.; small

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found by Lee in the Massachusetts General Hospital, holds for

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generally practiced. I left tlie colony soon afterwards, having pro-

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circumstance, as it is present in one case of arachnitis, and absent in another.

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the human system, and any one may easily ascertain its value by experi-

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ed with these diseases after a few weeks, and are re-established in

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things very favourable to the occurrence of fever of a typhoid character — that

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and sulphate of cuper alternated; healthful healing began and continued stead-

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successfully performed by Professor Gibson. The following details of the

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of such a character as to permit of successful treatment or amelio-

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lowed by a fever, analogous it would seem, to the spotted fever of

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soon gradual!}- collects again, to be discharged once in about six weeks. During

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welcome. Many writers, for example Liebermeister and McCrae,

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sopher, surprised at the nakedness and deformity of the dry bones that

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years by Desault — I suggested tlie expediency of applying a flat liga-

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others. Our practice is to vaccinate with each enlistment.

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gout. These so tortured his body, racked his nerves and engaged his

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rapid, the sounds at the apex and at the aortic areas are natural, and

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diphtheroid organism, but in association with a coarse bacillus

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One case of chancre resisted all applications for four months; every thing in

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perly considered as a disease; it is a term given to a certain group of symptoms,

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Oct. IQth. — Yesterday the patient was produced before Dr. Ashmead, who

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1 Proceedings of Soc. of Exp. Biol, and Med., 1911, viii, 75.

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stalsis had carried the blood up into the colon, leading to the tarry stools.

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ever, that is necessary to form a solid mass varies in using different species of

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Heller, in which there is an abnormal growth of the bronchial car-

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non-pro teid nitrogen fluctuates between 15 and 40; the average normal

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The following case illustrates a transient aphasia in the course

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are inclined to believe that this fact is dependent entirely upon

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"The right kidney was of small size, but normal in exterior shape and in the

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slight oozing of blood from this, but it could not be opened with the point of