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toilet facilities to accommodate persons with physical dis-
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case 13 injections of cocain were given, in another 12 injections
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tonics is almost in every case demanded, and especially in those
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was limited to the gland, and that it gave a nodular sen-
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Inspectors have uniformly endeavored to cooperate with the farmer
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April 13th. — The patient could not urinate. A small
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to make the subject clear to those who will take the pains to read it.
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Anemia," which w^as discussed by Drs. Riesman, Cabot, Kober,
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may run on to the feet to moisten the dirt and render them
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sure and resistance in the aorta and its large branches. Another thing
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many dangerous complications and sequelae that are liable to occur,
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the limited experience I have had with it myself, but on a
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hemiplegic. They happen mostly as consecutive complications in
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than in others. About half the youth of this village, of both ^ sexes, be*
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amenable to surgical treatment, will depend upon the nature of the
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terior apertures of the nose with a rhinoscope, and found the equina
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ing the effect of transplantation of the epiphyseal carti-
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enveloped in some thick soft covering, and when he stands or walks that
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An inebriate hospital is to be established in London.
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We gave her some pills of acetate of lead and opium, and or-
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not full, that there is plenty of time left for free discussion. There was
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Ir, is said to have lirst broken cut ameng the citizens at the
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rise to a suspicion of the existence of this affection.
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viscera. Every special science gradually unfolds its own
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in great failure of memory, inability to concentrate his attention, general
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present there are from 70 to 80 applicants thus waiting
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condition at the time of the occurrence. If it be tolerably
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It increases the amount of phosphates and causes the disappearance of
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constant additions thereto render acceptable any book
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recurrences in the fifth year. Of the fifteen with definite record,
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the Treatment of Deafness and Supposed Deaf-mutism by
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their diabetes the arterial hypertension supervened. In two,
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morbid process gives rise to slight pain, and I have seen
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Joel Canfield, M. D., of Guilford, was appointed to report the
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Miles, Henry S., Bridgeport. jj,^^ ^^ Hamilton. Ciarks-
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wiihed out with boric aolntton; rubber drain. Pain in lower
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cases throughout the attack, pulled bread, toast, well-boiled rice, and
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gladly forget, and would that the public also should no longer remem-
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ovale had given rise to a murmur, it also would have
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taken, one immediately after the injection and one at the time of
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Finsen, Finsen-Reyn, and the author's arrangement of the