more highly differentiated, and in the nervous system,
insert the blades of a cutiing forceps, and to carry the instrument along the
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benefit previous to her entrance into the hospital.
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may so speak, of the vital principle into the newly assimilated matter. In
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middle of the left femur. We applied Seutin's apparatus, which appeared
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I tient had recovered slight power in the adductor mus-
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we be familiar with histology ; in order that we may be
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condition, but he refused. After an interval of an hour or
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new buildings, but that the Chinese neither regard nor observe
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During the whole course of this case the strength of the patient was pro-
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of this kind are related by Mr. Moyle,^ Dr. Samber,'' Le Boeuf,"* &c. On the
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show that about 33 per cent, of children attending the schools
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sole object is, an attempt to increase the notoriety of a remedy which has
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three divisions: 1, where the operator is the victim; 2,
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seems to us to be well adapted for the purpose. It is divided into two books,
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matic regulating nervous apparatus. The amount of food
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sufficiently attenuated to be tolerated by the host, and yet
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ening hemorrhage, surgical intervention is the last resort.
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the inferior (internal) epigastric artery. The superficial fascia and the
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tain food-stuffs and by certain drugs ; it is often found
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professional labours. Far more valuable than gold, knowledge is not lost in
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two slots playing on the rivets. In its distal end is a V-shaped
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of peritoneal inflammation may be observed. The spontaneous
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disease above alluded to. Wood and Bache, in their U. S. Dispensatory,
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garten's statement that giant cells do not form in syph-
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originate malignant tumors they do not necessarily continue in
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and that in many of the fatal ones the illness lasted
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scrotum, and in the biliary passages when affected with
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the tough opaque membrane is drawn through the opening in the sclerotica
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they paid him to stay away. In this disease (unlike diabetes mellitus,
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enter the circulation. That this explanation is plausi-
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is required. The TiirkiBh bath is equal to this emerg-
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cult in the face of the feeling against this disease, to intro-
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bination, and also by the excellent digestion in spite of the lack
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for by special conditions. The greatest interest is in the
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protracted abstinence is injurious. When the disease runs its usual course,
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Spasmodic Retention of the Placenta. — Dr. Loescher employed with
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capillaries connect also with sensory nerves, these nerves sur-
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time, but which have escaped Prof. Horner's notice or his recollection.
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tained from using cold water, or hot and cold water