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near Valenciennes. Several glassworkers have been attacked.
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The following papers will be read :— Mr. Stanley Boyd : On
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also a paper by Mr. E. M. Holmes on Scopola carniolica,
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eholesterin fats. As to the low melting point, that is no
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had medical charge of the 1st Madras Infantry, and was present in the
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That the process described secures absolute sterilisation of
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Dr. PuESLOw showed two specimens of Sloughing Fibroid
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to grasp the fact that these changes are independent in their
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ligature was then passed behind it, tied as tightly as possible,
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it be made of thick rubber, it will answer the same purpose
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of the same organ by different authors, thus bearing testi-
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one-quarter of the children were healthy in these respects.
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mucous membrane of the larynx and the true cords stretched
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caution to agree with the men to reduce their wages by such
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take advantage of all the protection that revaccination can
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usefulness of this sign has prompted me to publish these
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This firther strengthens the probibility of non-absorption.
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has been done in a room which does not abut on an external
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stood these requests with a certain — I might say, perhaps,
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ruDture '■ on the right side. He could feel something " lite an eel " in
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patient was a strong, muscular, healthy, well-developed farmer. He had
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not known to be vaccinated, and bearing no marks, there were
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years, and in all of these the disease was mild except in one,
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no good bath for chronic rlieumatoid arthritis, or none better than
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Counties Asylum, Carmarthen, by invitation from Dr.
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a great extent at least, for the preservation of that liberal
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medical men). In September, 1892, B. is called in by A. tosee -\., awealtliy
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sick poor in their own homes. 'The Duke of Westminster,
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(raised at the annual meeting of the subscribers to the Batley Cottage
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two montns Idter, and within three days, a case of scarlatina developed
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occurrence of doubtful and suspicious cases cannot but be helpful to
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Thompson, Mr. G., appointed Medical Officer for the Workhouse and
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missing dog was the importer of the disease seems to be
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— The Danubian JDifficulty. — The Question of India. — Sum-
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Brind. H. H., L.R.C.P Lond. Milner, C W., L R.C P Lond.
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Moorflelds, 1 p M. -Mr. R. Marcus Gunu ; External Exami-
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mated their intention to discontinue beer as an article of
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there has been registration of deaths both before and after
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befote. In Manchester theie were 104 patients under treatment for