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disease in the month of October. In November this malady proved
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culture killed in 56 hours, while the fatal dose of Subculture
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Dr. McClellan thus lived to experience the proverbial misfor-
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fection in the tonsils, the teeth or elsewhere, for
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7 Tchernoroutzky, Sur l'anaphylatoxine de Bordet, Compt. rend. Soc. biol.,
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generally younger, but some between sixty and seventy.
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mittee on Quackery, which w^s accepted, and on motion, the Pre-
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first period are increased, and the sight is more impaired. In this period
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remainder of the ingredients, and bottle the mixture.
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from the first appearance of these symptoms ; at the expiration of
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ized by an attempt on the part of the patient to get out of bed and walk
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The small doses of nitric acid in combination with camphor-water
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In the evening, the dan^r of general tetanic spasnw was mora
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observed in the rales which were heard at the time of coughing. No reaction
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in the spot. Sensation lacking. The first injection of 10 mg. was given on May
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grandeur and great riches, — these are very common. Sudden and uncalled-
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milky fluid beneath arachnoid ; anterior and middle lobe of left he-
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creased to 1.1 cc. and nearly died. The remaining two animals did
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teeth, in the cases of exalted sensibility of the cornea, which come
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longer growing at a maximum rate show a marked lag. This simi-
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intercostal space on the frontal side of the left lung; at the second intercostal
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and the intense cutaneous hypersesthesia, with recurring paroxysms with-
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nation of the symptoms, and including particularly the head, and
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s<'rved. The toasts were timely and bright with spark-
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prostrated by profuse discharges; had quite collapsed when first
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the tumor was of the size of a walnut, elastic, and over the situation