and languid, it should never be resorted to. The state of the
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from a healthy lamb that had been brought up on milk.
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the Society who heard the case reported at the county meeting, I
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edly increased during acute digestive disturbances. By means of repeated
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usual size, and that about one-third had been situated
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To Find the Trypanosomes in the Cerebrospinal Fluid. — In the earlier
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axillary region, where respiration and resonance may be wanting. But in a certain
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the gentleman at once on stimulants — ether, alcohol, and ammonia,
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possesses the power of dissolving urate of soda ; local
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working its way about the scat of fracture, dissects and
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The catarrhal evidence is manifested in the eyes and nasal cavi-
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vitjlline duct, as mentioned by the President himself, and many
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ones then undergo multiplication, and Dr. Wolffhugcl
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is more resistant than that of measles. It clings persistently to cloth-
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there being at all times a strong tendency to the gxowth of
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If we compare our results obtained with cheese covered with paraffin
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Norfolk to Aberdeen, and the mild humid climate and heavy rainfall of
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(located in a deep part of the left bronchus) was spontaneously
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into the Scotch asylums for the first time during one year, and
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all understand what is meant by tubercle, but we do
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records, by Dr. C. A. Peabody, resident physician of the Worcester
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evidence clearly points to some other disease. However common
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ment of epilepsy. Med. Eec, N. Y., 1883, xxiv, 345.—