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bones with the dressing - forceps (Fig. 419) and both bones are sawed

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Kepr.from: Med. & Siirg. Reporter, Phila., 1896, Isxv:

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■work in accordance ^\th. the resolution of this Council. I

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neuritis, and one of its peculiarities is that it is usually, not

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as»ociat«'d with other abnormal conditions, but 1 am

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we arrive at the lowest possible rates of mortality.

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Lombard Street, above Eighteenth, - - - PHILADELPHIA,

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applied ; 4, in cases of retroversion and retroflexion the

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These facts render it highly probable that the germicidal action of phthal-

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Edinburg, Scotland, in an original article written especially for Medical Reprints,

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electric light. This exhibition, together with that of a

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hospital care could be brought to bear on his treat-

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of illness. In ©ther cases there may be some feverishness, headache,

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strument in many cases will work its way through stone.

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ening the patient to overcome his nervous disturbance.

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end of 105 seconds he seemed to be fainting, and the transfusion was stopped.

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[Transl. from: Boll. mens. Accad. Gioenia di sc. nat. m

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to a degeneration of the cells in the geniculate ganglia and

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Officer to the County Lunatic A.^ylum at R.ainhill.

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