presence of tubercular proliferation of the interstitial tissue is not a very
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submucous tissues, in the form either of punctate or of diffuse ecchymoses.
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des Sgavans 1749." Bruhier,sur I'incertitude des signes de la Mort. I. eh.
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by strict analogy, the primary, secondary, and ter-
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tumour Avas obserA'ed in the perina?um ; to this leeches Avere applied,
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up a continued secretion. The complication of phthisis with pleuritic
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8. Special Influences of the High Altitudes on the Nose and Throat.
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excellent points. One of the most important was his division of cases into
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The exact method of reproduction has not been demonstrated. It
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the discharge, but the parts should be frequently washed with
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and dry habitation, free exercise, and an abundant supply of nourish-
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of hemoglobin. Cabot mentions another instance with a count of
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the progress and result of the attack ; and second, that these complications had a certain
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brentiation into parts ; structureless ; uniform in
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If we apply these data in pathology to the various kinds of
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and the injurious effects are the more marked as the degeneration
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substance into which it enters. Thus in fluids, they
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the integument assumed a yellowish hue ; yet the urine never contained
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ing, for this purpose, is best induced by the hypodermatic injection
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Samuel Cooper, in the last edition of a > action stops here, the general healing of the
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the cystic duct was ligated with silk near the common duct.
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dition of the lung, from which scarcely even a few drops of
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no casts were seen. The patient was put upon liquid
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long time unapplied; and without the fact observed by M. Jackson,
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absorption with almost total destruction of the pancreas.
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panied by a great deal of pain. The character of the flow was, as
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the necessities of life, the amount saved will find a place.