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maintained. Now this temporary magnet exercises an inductive power
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medicine from an early period of the settlement of this country. Like
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advanced stages of the different pectoral inflammations^ when the oc-
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▼ e a s els in tbcir covrse through the srstiMn. By the principle of difn«
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discrimination. The one is, in fact, a most energetic cerebral stimulant^
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the least in its characteristic form or structure from the normal cell.
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of a very grateful flavour, it is preferable to these aromalic-s, when there
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When the strong acids cannot be obtained, reaction may be speedily
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bonic acid, and, towards the end, acetic acid are evolved
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diureM, and in chronic mucous discharges from the urinary organs.
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in a measure, from the great body of the profession.
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tried the remedy, he gave GO grammes (nearly two troy ounces) of ether
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have been in the habit of taking more than his digestive powers could
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the applications may be made over the sacrum, to the perinseum, and
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plication of this fact, supposing it to be a fact, will bo seen directly.
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which shall not be exceeded ; and this quantity should not be large
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It is stated, by some writers, that there is a great cutaneous
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we have a few notable illustrations in our ranks of
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tion, rises, and forms a tolerably good and fair bread. Po-
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ft8 nutrients. From these cousiderationb>, I think it nmst be adinitte<l
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likewise receive a check by the application of the cold bath,
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these medicines, the former separating the insoluble alkaloids, the latter
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thereby enriching the blood, and making that fluid the immediate ex-
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dalhr when attended with exce^Te secretion ; and, containing fortr
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than their direct action on the tissues. They shotdd never he exhibite
effects when bupropion is discontinued
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the earth and keeps the air cool. But low lying lands are
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producing the general effects of iron upon the sygtem. Two striking ei
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very favourably of its efficiency in aphthous ulcerations, in thrush, in ul-
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Having, with the corrective property above referred to, the desiccaol
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eolonrless, or yellowish, and of the odour and taste of the seeds. Anist*
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a divine gift, and the source of the chiefest blessings
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nearly the same as that of sulphuric acid. Like that, it is peculiarly
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healthiness of mind, and consequently the amount of good