sionally relieved by hot applications. The memory had become

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Eng. ; Dr. Alfred C. Pope, Tunbridge Wells, Eng. ; Dr. P. Jous-

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trade or importance, it was thought (incorrectly, perhaps) to be

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Dr. Frederick T. Bicknell is the son of Nathaniel and

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present, then a boy, during the trial of the English murderer,

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On his return he was appointed Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

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seconds, and then withdrawn. The stomach was washed out

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paedia will be of great value to the medical student in studying the

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centres. It may be propagative ; but, if it is so, I cannot but

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cells are neutrophiles, 200 eosinophiles, and at most 100 basophiles. The

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himself an enviable reputation for the skill, wisdom and conscien-

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big veins, the femoral, the internal saphenous — all these

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the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tubercu-

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vations on cases at Suspension Bridge, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo.

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regulated by a stopcock at the bottle end of the tube.

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of homeless and needy mothers during confinement. The

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but Dr. Dench was retained as Professor of Otology in the combined

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were subdivided, until now the "specialties" in both medical

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sounds in the bronchial tubes. I prescribed one dose of arnica 200

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21. "Greffe d'un partie du tibia sur l'epine dorsal dans le traitement du Mai

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riety of essays, etc. New York: The Century Company.

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tional responsibilities, and labors in his private practice, and educa-

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the State Hospital at West Haverstraw. He was chosen by the

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the British. His mother, whose maiden name was Drusilla

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moderate dose of chamomile, to instantaneous death, like that

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' with pain in his knee, which he kept flexed all night. There

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fessorially connected with Bowdoin College, Me., New York Univer-

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liminary Report on the Importance in Scarlatina of an Early Bac-

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also a member of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, and of the

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enormous influence in shaping public and professional opinion. Two

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eminent in the same professional career and members of

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their profession, they uje thoughtful, sharji-sighted men,

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from the precedent established by those who have filled this

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Indeed, his percentage of recoveries in this line of surgery

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and, further, they are well aware that the restoring of normal

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plished an almost incredible amount of work in his year

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fusel-oil, because of the relative submission to fermentation rather

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amount of hemoglobin. They then correspond to the normal embryonic

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]\/fARTIN BURKE, M.A., M.D., general practitioner of medicine,

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among others, to international medical literature: ' 'Anomalous Sy-

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