St. Andrews, and have empowered our students to matricu-
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expected to be present. Epithelial cells, both nucleated and
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to inform you that, while the intemiiera'e language of a member of the
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urethra, which he had removed, j^er urethram, with perfect
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P. S. A.— We dout)t if our corre^p indeut could obtain from any " official "
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smoke, saline applications, the administration of turpentine,
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tlie Buitish Medical Jouenal of January 7th, 189:!. p. 41. The prac-
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dirt'ers in some essential points. The notiliable diseasts are-
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selves ; it was deemed advif-able, at all hazards and without loss o£
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addition to these, the eye cases are handed over to the
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on the initiative of Dr. Anton LiJw, Vice-President of the
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104.3°, but with 4 it was slight. Tubercle bacilli were last
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to marked radiation and consequent great lowering of tem-
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second, and fourth day) with sterilised culture of bacillus
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it is undergoing retrogressive metamorphosis, and this is
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that time, and once or twice she had had some considerable pain ioit.
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the care of the ears and for the avoidance of causes of injury.
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proteid and the isomeric molecules of the food proteid, water
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tated to say, likewise, that medicine "has scarcely received
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fessor Mobius (Berlin), Professor Retzius (Stockliolm), Pro-
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may serve in the treatment of hysterical manifes-tations, but
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assurance policies is much inpre favourable than that ruling among whole,
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persuaded to do, feeling convinced that such a course would
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one, namely, that the present machinery of local self-govern-
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Smith showed a Tuberculous Bladder, Ureter, and Kidney
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Ueqchart, C. Thiselton. M.B., C.M.Aberd., appointed Medical Officer to
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is nearly as much heat at Fort Yuma, further south.
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close at hand, and three of them actually within the confines
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emergencies, and on temperance. The value of a temperate
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tlm low remuneration which it has been found necessary to
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selecting the material for ligature. A thin ligature cut
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Labour commenced on June 6th. The pains at first were
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does not want England alone to bear the whole burden of the
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Mackenzie : (1) Uterine Polypus ; (2) Papillomatous
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themselves from the river water they are drinking, and easily
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The naked-eye appearance is shown in one coloured draw-