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Causes: Actual cause unknown. It accompanies a condi-

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numerous than ordinary, despite of the rain which had

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applied in the treatment of acute articular rheumatism.

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hemiplegic. They happen mostly as consecutive complications in

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Question. Was the attack of prostration due to an internal throm-

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in the pons, caused acute ataxy, which afterwards assumed such characters

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evidence of an abnormal reaction of the bone-marrow to stimulation."

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For if some of the spinous processes of the vertebra be fractured in any man-

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In cases where the inner cervix will not permit the tent to pass, I

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viperine and crotaUne poisoning is the rapid discoloration and swelling

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simple inflammatory croup, and still more from the ' coagulable lymph' of

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may take place in the course of several weeks. Perforation into the pleura

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St. Petersburg through the initiative of Prince Wolkow-

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Treatment, and Prevention of Tuberculosis; Visiting

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The surgeons in Vienna prefer the clamp and cautery in most cases.

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away clear and free from any tinge or color. A large

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from the whota country north of the Bio Grande ; and their place

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Should be kept in glass-stoppered bottles and great care taken not to

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tion, however — exposure of muscle, tenotomy, and insertion and

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used on a dozen or more selected cases, and had apparently failed to

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entire bulk of the urine is blood-tinged, but more often only the last

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firmly round the incisor teeth. If the animal be a male, the

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prominent may be mentioned those of Snellen, Eversbucb,

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this must be repeated as often as necessary. Patients

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This man returned on the 18th of January, and was then voiding ten pints of

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glands, the oesophagus, the trachea, or other neighboring organ, ex-

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