er, would be a trifling sacrifice for so great a benefit ; and by re-

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self in unconscious usage, and in this way shows us the

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both sides, there is elevation of one or both eyebrows, and the angle of

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analogue of the connective tissue in other situations, called by Virchow

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cerebellum, such as to render station and locomotion altogether im-

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symptoms of shock, followed by those of peritonitis, as the contents

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already explained. By this expansion, air is drawn from the north

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pus, either internally or externally, may cause serious mischief.

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proper treatment; for example, if the blood-pressure be not taken till

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deed. In more than five hundred published reports in Europe and Amer-

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to try to escape — warmed, and offered food — died in about ten

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more times a day, on an empty stomach, till the pain ceased or

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Indirect operations performed for prostatic hypertrophy have

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dense but contains fluid: the other is hernial, irreducible and contains appar>

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will be interesting to note the effects produced on tu-

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vomiting and general abdominal pain, located in right

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man, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medi-

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tinal cellulitis with pericardial adhesions .... 277

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He walks with a cane and can flex the leg through forty-

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closing the doors on any specialty, our company continues to provide coverage for all qualified

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coloured pictures taken from the illustrated papers may be varnished, and

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between the flaps is partly filled by abundant, rosy-red granulations,

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metropic eye, H, will appear to the observer to come from a point a' behind

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quately in the war literature as it is in the larger hand and text books

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atypical histolytica temporarily modified by environ-

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wrung out of ice water, etc., which will frequently have the desired effect,

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en-Brisgan. Kev. d'hyg.. Par., 1898, xx, 865-883.— Riescl-

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Dr. Charles P. Bussel, chairman, read the report of the

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cold, saturated solution of ferric acetate containing 25

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