the urine. The eye-grounds often show hemorrhages, fatty degeneration, and in-

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the depressed root of the nose. Kassowitz found that the root of the nose

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Edinburg, Scotland, in an original article written especially for Medical Reprints,

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in war, by saying : " The removal of a limb is, as a rule,

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marks aflixed in the ditferent subjects, to be transmitted to the Director-

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genital inguinal hernia on the left side, which had been strangulated for

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already been stated. We have described the modifications of the

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of the fact that conflicting statements exist concerning the reaction on

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Under -5 years of age, 32— between 5 and 20 years, 8— between 20 and 40 years. 16— be-

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He early gave promise of a brilliant career as a pa-

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in the other side. But all pain and tenderness has gone."

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nosis will be cleared up by a reference to them. They are all

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reused, must be cast out, or eliminated. When this process is inter-

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in the symptoms does not always indicate a morbid condition

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Preliminary and Final Examinations, and, so far as the requirements

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the mucous membrane of the nose, eyes, throat, and respiratory

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of epidemic cholera; ordinary cnuses of disease, alone, are incapable of

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Epidemiol. .Soc. Lond., 1891-2, xi, 27-4". Also [Abstr.]:

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by the healthy digestion of wholesome diet, but the

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which anaemia is the symptom most threatening to the patient; this

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which symptoms of rheumatism had been present, the writer has frequently

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their clinical features and produced by different species of parasites :

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duce conditions least removed from the natural; then using

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region. The case was reported with s])ecial reference

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threatened that the poison has not been found in the bodies

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patient's interest in things around him, What is needed is a true adjust-

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The only powers therefore, by which the head is expelled at the conclusion

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On the contrary, the improvement, when it occurred, has usually

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not too strongly urge the profession to adopt this pro-