Place a heaping tea-spoanful of the herbs in a tin cup^

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eight days, and once it snowed. The melted snow with the rain

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the time required in inducing it'; complete consciousness is restored

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eases; six hundred and tnirty-five of whom took on various grades of

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with the finger, to force the fluid more deeply in.

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dilated, and hypertrophy of their walls is not infrequent. Spots of extrava-

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large city, and there by declaiming and writing against all established

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and wandering pains not infrequently precede the wasting of the muscles.

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panied by anaesthesia, but this is rarely present without hemiplegia. The

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known. It has been suggested that at times an endemic and specific cause

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In the general j)aralysis of the insane its duration is rarely more than a year.

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usual mortality, without antisepsis, had been between

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(/3-tetra) which causes in the cat and rabbit emotional effects of the

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changes occurred, as noted in the preceding animals which had received 0.5 cc.

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tion with the spirochete; but notwithstanding this active immunity,

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Bacterial endotoxins produce as striking an increase in the serum

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The hard riog around the tumour was never wanting, though at

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Technique. — Preliminary tests were first made to rule out any anticomple-

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may remain normal, be increased, or impaired. When not otherwise speci-

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The kidneys of the hen, which according to Doerr and Pick contain

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ing symmetrical; in both lungs dullness up and down the borders of the scapula;

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present epidemic, with the age and sex of each patient ?

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softening, abscess, or a cicatrix. Erb describes softening of the gray sub-

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respiration increased in frequency and reached its maximum, which

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Dr. Scha^er, reports about thirty cases ; in four or five cases of

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softening, thrombosis of the cerebral sinuses, serous effusions into the

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confirm the above (Table II). The close relation between the

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two or three years of age, was attacked with malignant scarlatina,

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sophistications; probably this is the original Com-

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face of the posterior lobe of the right The substance of the brain

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Etiology.— Meningitis of the convexity is most frequent in early adult

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placenta was entirely detached from the uterus without rupture of

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