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causes an acceleration of the cardiac contractions.

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ment of scabs by the patient's finger nail. To pre-

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(b) affections of the vagina and cervix, as atresia

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Lewis, of the Rockefeller Institute, read a paper on Recent

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did not abandon the use of the drug voluntarily, he

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In the first case the patient was in a bad condition

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cases which have this appearance, namely, functional disorders.

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Alexander of the General Electric Co., stating that he hoped the

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If it is granted that sufficient number of bacteria

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Heredity. Xew York iledical Journal, .\pril 3. 1909.

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Halle a.S., und Prof. Wilms, Heidelberg. Zweite umgear-

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Russia — Bessarabia, government Aug. 28-Sept. 3 18 I2'

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the conditions persist from generation to generation

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and definitely understand the methods of infection.

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1. Remarks on Some Points in the Treatment of Gastric

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10. Choked Disc in Its Relation to Cerebral Tumor and

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noic, larceny in degenerates, and other similar cases.

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ber 2ist, Dr. J. W. Cringan, aged thirty-three years.

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thorax. The patient had pain, which he located in the