elapsed to warrant confidence that the eradication is complete.
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(From the Departments of Pediatrics and of Pathology, The Johns
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per cent to 2 per cent in the last. In none was the
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Pigeons, diseases found in post-mortem work, fiscal year 1905-6 42
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Linguets, the most effective oral progestogen; and Ethinyl Estradiol, the most
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Passage through a series of seven rabbits also caused increase ot
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technics, puerperal infection, breast pathology and
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The results of the sale of heifers and cows, by carloads of 15 head,
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3. The inference that horses are slaughtered for meat in Chicago is erroneous and
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180. B^OLABD, C. M. : " Traits des maladies des enfants nouveau-n6s
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personal measurements . . . and in exact accordance with
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stance that is being absorbed. The latter is one of the best feeds
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evening preceding, the family doctor saw him and testifies that he was
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examined — ^would do more harm than good. It would create in the
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principal demand, if it comes, will arise from man-
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at nil, and then, wliilf this slininlns is still in pro^.css, apply a similar
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Test for Glycosuria, .Amer. J. Clin. Pathology, 74.117-21
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St. Louis City. . . Edgar W. Spinzig, St. Louis Omer E. Hagebusch,
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Missouri School of Medicine. Interpretation of these
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chronic inflanmiation, probably bacterial. Cases have been reported, as
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Intractable exfoliative lip dermatoses may often be traced to eosin
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source of infection of these animals. It has been found that wher-
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But now a careful histologic study has been made which reveals
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In course of time as the industry increased the original structures
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glands or to a few nodules In an organ, involving also the adjacent lymphatic glands,
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,„,,,, .,.i,,r I Is, stii„iilali..n .,f ik.' iiinul n.rvc in tl,.. liiiik will proilu.-.'
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opens new avenues of approach to unsolved problems.
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into acini of processes of fibrous tissue — certainly a rare phenomenon.
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high up in the neck; (2) the pectoral heart with fissure of the sternum,
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in this room. It is hoped that this last measure will
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may be imported without a tuberculin test, provided that after the expiration of the
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,,,,„, , „„, ,.,,,,.,i„ M'lisni'v tili.'i'^ u lii.'li Ml-.' .l.-iiM-.l 11 ..Ml 111.' |...-<l.-il..r r....l
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