and the articular manifestations reappear, the patient will for sev-
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first the urine becomes sugar-free after the Avithdrawal of carbohy-
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ing point of 204° to 205° C. needles, with a melting
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region. They enter into the formation of the roof of the mouth, the
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trabecul?e within the substance of the organ. Small cysts frequently
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unite they form the common duct which is about two inches long
Delirium in acute rheumatism is always a symptom of serious
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found pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis with any other disease. I ouglit
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Sugar. — The accounts given of the presence of grape sugar in the
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negotiations were set on foot looking to a union of
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The simpler life is made, and the more it is conformed to natural
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All the muscles are more or less affected ; those of the thorax and
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The patient looks pallid and composed. If changed from one posi-
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are of a sensory nature, the pain in the heart muscle is caused by
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general dropsy, the organs never again regain their former condition
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to an increased secretion of the glands, and is similar to a catarrhal
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work in it has been accomplished. In the first rank among these
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min, excreting usually from 14 to 16 gm. of nitrogen, would excrete
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place and foul odors arise therefrom. "Where there are no
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The excess of calcium combines with the phosphoric acid and causes a
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cocele, etc., mainly in patients with plethora and in advanced age (see
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exercise must be observed, together with all the precautions in the
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Toward the end of the term the president of the Col-
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examination was made in the eight cases to which reference is made. Once
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When the opportunity for these natural exercises is wanting, or when
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At the first session of the College after its reor-
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congenital basis. The statement that they are rarely found before fifty
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observed are those in which, one kidney having been previously rendered
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than among a corresponding number of patients who are not thus re-
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rhumatisme sont des lesions troj^hiques dependant de la moelle, il
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symptoms, may be slight nausea and soreness of tne throat. The
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fibro-cartilaginous nodule — the corpus Arantii. Bands of fibrous tis-
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and cannot thrive together ; some cannot live without other varie-
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Lime Water. — Over apiece of unslacked lime, the size of a cubic
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beyond the third or fourth day, the chances of recovery are improved.
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worn, and in every known way health, cheerfulness and comfort,
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It is with the salicyl compounds in rheumatism as with the cin-
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that the individual cell may undergo. These are the various degenerations,
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urine ; consequently, the oscillation in the discharge of urates is due
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day of his illness the temperature was 101°, the i)ulse was 108, feeble
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* It was named from the town of Elgin, in the north of Scotland, the