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ESTIMATES OF OUTFITS for Physicians commencing Practice, to cost $50 and $100
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general, and bleeding in particular, proved disastrous.
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this whole question and consider the periods of infectivity of these
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decreased almost 50 per cent since tlie last observation. The red
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the same. He was never able to reproduce the disease
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most precious : '■ Childbirth," James Gillemeau, London,
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phosphate of potassium, sarcosine) produced by exercise,
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such compounds may show new staining properties which are depend-
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contraction of the muscles. Tratebe finally counts the h3rpertrophies
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At about the same time an important publication was
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The symptoms of this form are described in the article on General
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the sick, both male and female, to board and receive the
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1. Small intrapelvic growths give rise te marked symptoms.
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will give his personal attendance thereto. Lectures will likewise be delivered regularly during Use
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very apparent, containing a number of coloiurless corpuscles^ clinging to, or slowly
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standard or unit of radiation. The Eontgen Society is devoting some attention
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received as a Course of Anatomy, and the other as a Courseof Physiology.
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radical extirpation of the disease; but first to incise