vigorously it will draw and the more completely the breast will be:

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Epileptics should sleep in beds with raised sides to prevent injury from

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legs and associated with general muscular weakness. There

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the bradycardia is caused by some action upon the peripheral parts of the

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Treatment of Prostatie Hypertrophy. — Dr. L. S. Pil-

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a left ventricular predominance. The rate of the heart varied

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lie had himself however been (piite uuconscious of it at the

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Second. The two forms of disease are readily convertible, the one with

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Levis, the profession to-day pwes its knowledge of the anaesthetic proper-

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secondary type usually does make a recovery without operation.

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first rises from bed. The condition of shock may be largely, if not entirely,

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to me that there might be a difference depending on age ; that

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the elegantly prepared glycerine and starch ointments (Simon's), with their

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ing, attended l)y great nervous and vascular excite-

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accept a transfer to other official positions, aside from what might tem-

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thing like black vomit occurs in malarial fever ; while remittent fever

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and sutures having been deeply passed, the ' ^^^^" P'"'^®' °"*^ ^^^^ ''^ "^^^'^ ^^""^ diseased,

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ti-ansmission of blood along the pulmonary capillaries, or the free admisHJon

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gratuitous lectures for their benefit. I have paid frequent

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which is often one of the earliest symptoms of aneurisms in the

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says : " He began to pass large quantities of dissolved

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heart failure, the kidney in congestive heart failure,

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methods described upon p. 776 may be employed. The fact that the endoglobular

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apparently outside considerations which might throw light

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Wounds: Infections, Pathogenic Causes, by Streptococcus,

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2 per cent solution of sodium citrate. Add 220 cc. blood (stirring con-

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sequences, viz., the presence of air and the admixture of pus or of blood with

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by ^ny sudden or artificial means, even though governments

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typical zonular cataract, with sharply defined central pyramid

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