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disease also may press on the thoracic duct. I have had many cancer cases
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do they act solely by producing the cachexia, the diathesis already existing?
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they began by a sort of aphasia — a prolonged attack of speech-
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tually made a perfect recovery; during this period the urine swarmed with
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Art. 16. A New Instrument, proposed by Dr. J. H. Hobart Burge, /or the
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King's College, 1'30 p.m. — Charing Cross, 2 p.m.
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attacked with vomiting and purging, six hours previously. In
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atropia in the form of solution or substance. A reference is also made to two
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been able to reach 300 milliamperes, using only 30 cells
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Brussels, Ceylon, Chile, China. Cuba, Egypt, Klngland,
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discretion to avoid attributing the changes which so occur, to the
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the face, the skin being swollen, but inelastic, rough, dry, and firm. The
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able cost ; or (4) that the authority ought themselves to provide
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In a disease very nearly allied to croup, I mean laryngitis, the lancet