times I have to send these patients to a specialist, and
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but no cough or sputum. The x-ray was inconclusive.
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elect, Mrs. John J. Huebner, Jr.; vice-president, Mrs.
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table, stomach would receive it. Finding that it did not disagree,
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advice in mind, there will be no difficulty whatever
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new regulations should not have been utilized to the
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diabetes render it probable that there is a ferment exciter pre-
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women have lost their ovaries. The same may be said of the in-
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the Cervix,” which was discussed by Dr. John H. Gem-
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contagion, remedial statutes should at once be enacted
of speech, it is too bad that no censorship exists to
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during the past eight to twelve years. The decline has
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tions, laboratories, or other physicians who advertise
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trition” before the Berks County Medical Society,
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especially severe in the early summer when she is taken
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Tracheo-esophageal Fistula,” prepared by himself and
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bronchial obstruction caused by this lesion was prob-
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advantage which may be derived from the judicious employment
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pale and she does not often get down town of late to do shopping.
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into one violent, continuous strain. It is evident that if the re-
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I think, is in pellagra. In this disease there may be
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opinion and advice of these physicians who study test-
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Irwin, of Banting Institute, Toronto, and the clinical
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an important advantage that a physician like Dr. Eeynolds — who
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few segments of the worm in Muller's fluid for three days, after
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the State of Pennsylvania convened in regular session
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so it is with the drug Hydrary, Cum Creta, which has for so long
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nerves, and the tension of the tissues which they supply, add
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auxiliary passed a motion that the state per capita dues
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literature of industrial toxicology, the major loss
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dying for. These countries are Russia, Germany, and
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evidence of such diseases as pellagra, which are due
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ophthalmos in Graves’ disease is apparently not due to
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The amount of time to be spent in the plant at definite
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reported the treatment of several cases of infectious
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profession is only half alive to its opportunities for pa-
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2. Learn the important but separate functions of the