an issue. Dr. Hargrove said that the State Board of Health is taking
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if necessary, but in one sitting, is in contrast to the plan of Wolff, of
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persons had died on board, the first four weeks of her passage, with a
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case see Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., 1918, xi (Sect. Laryngol.), p. 67.
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" Our greatest need at the present time is an adequate water
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hard day's work at lifting heavy timber, he felt pain in his left
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Prof. BuouARDEL has recently published the conclusions of the Comit6 Con-
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in various parts of Europe between 1700 and 1763, among which the mortal-
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brandy or whisky may be allowed. In some patients there
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rigidity, with increased knee-jerks, in limbs paralysed from cerebral
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not improbable that hypertrophy of the right ventricle may sometimes
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but looks healthy, unless irritated by the decomposing
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the scalp ; and spreading slowly, it may be for years, may ultimately
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of these wounds ; they are legion, from the so-called toy
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the scrotum and its contents included in a plain (not caustic)
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in 1902 caused for the whole army an admission rate of 6 per
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" Headaches," " uncertain nights, with terrible dreams,"
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life — the science of Ufe healthy, the science of life in
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cardia is effected by the contraction of a definite set of muscular
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had, nine months before his admission, noticed a tumour in his
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disease, and end fatally without any affection of the meninges being I'm n id.
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1851.] Transactions of Philadelphia College of Physicians. 185
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the functions of relations exist, and would be exemplified, but, as
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ferring to his notes he found that he had failed in most
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who says : "If all the symptomless and undiagnosed gall-stones were
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but little; the small ones may be greatly enlarged. Just beneath
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and carbo-hydrates, and finally administration of the thymus
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Voi ons d^voA? remai ; ked that tWs inliuence is chie %
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clinical results from intramuscular injection. His re-
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cases of syphilis. The test was negative in a large series of
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