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mucous membrane leads to hypertrophy of that membrane
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p, acid vapour. 3. It was scarcely soluble in water, but was dissolved by
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ing is the staple occupation of the inhabitants, Profes-
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Protective Inoculation A(;ainst Asiatic ('ii()Li:i{a llo
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postponed for a few days. The operation is easy of ac-
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ally found in the blank forms generally employed for this purpose,
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serious and respectful consideration ; and it seems fully sustained by its
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were not for the fact that it might in skilful hands be
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cularly well marked on the right side. Drowsiness was
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of the pilgrim host, and that none but innocent hands could
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The field of gynecology continues to present a scene of
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and then to resort to calomel. A few drops of laudanum at the com-
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IB the tropho-inflammatorv tvpe there occurs a casting off of the
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it is not surprising that Europeans look upon Americans as a
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and percussion after filling it with lukewarm water (see p. 425), the patient being in
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ters by the blood in obstinate cases of constipation."
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was discovered: on separating the labia majora, the nymphse were seen to
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ing the mask, which gives a longer period for operation. The
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nell (Amer. Med., Jan. 25, 1902) reports three cases
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* Read before the New York Academy of Medicine, March 21, 1889.
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and accidentally swallowed it. Urgent SMnptoms ensued.
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from a physician in San Francisco, California. He gives all the
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cutaneous tissue (anasarca) of the extremities, fstoe, etc, have existed
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by the budding of a ray, or process of contractile substance in
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in the extra-ocular muscles. The laryngoscopic picture is not at all con-
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is not necessarily rational, even if it were possible; but we should adopt
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sound of the heart. After noticing the great discrepancy of
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were severally studied with reference to the methods which were worked
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the State had before the passage of the bill adopted plans
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technique of the more common gynecological operations by the
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rationing, specific decisions were made locally by respon-
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account for the origin of the body informed by it, a body to
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'TAr JT^ disSes which as yet have not been recognized ?
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region ; has frequent pulse, and rather dry tongue ; his bowels
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William L. Worcester, IC.D., pathologist of the Danvers