studies had always inclined. He became Professor of Natural History at

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healthy ; their size, shape, consistence, and colour, were perfectly normal.

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eight ounces — typical tuberculous pus — a cold abscess. We open the

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tions, the percentage of nitrogen and phosphoric oxide is

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lutely essential to renovate the appetite and the nutritive functions.

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the patient has diphtheria is no reason why the operation should be

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years by 111. The total number of deaths during the

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second groiij), those ol" reflex origin, all point to

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status of ))hysical thcra])eutics and its relation to this (Com-

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entitled to a qualification, they ought to be prevented from

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tioned where there were some five hundred recruits, who

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very valuable if found in quantity, and it is stated that the

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thy. He described Waukesha and its attractions, alluding

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conspicuous, and contributing not infrequently to the appearance chine- i

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due to the organic conditions just described. A great number of the signs of

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and send C.V. to: Alan T. Falkoff, M.D., 838 High Ridge Road,

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the prostate is involved. The prostatic secretion is

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a. S., 1899, iii, 4. Hft.. 3-20.— Saiiit-Hiarliii. Gangiine

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mia of the pulse and weakness of the heart tones, are usually

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Repair of nerve-trunks. — None of my cases lend any material support

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There was one case of secondary hemorrhage — a dys-

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in the axilla the thermometer will seldom reach its usual

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The lymphatic glands of the neck, mesentery, be, will be enlarged,

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S-M-A, a trade-mark *f S.M.A Corporation, for its brand of food

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uterus, and feel for the after-birth. If it remains in

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have seemed to indicate, normal impulse formation takes place and

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president. Dr. G. N. Tilden, of Boston; secretary and treasurer.

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warm temperature, will, if observed, entirely prevent the possibility of prema-

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swollen with water— will prevent the foetus passing; in such a

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mote the object for which it was founded — namely, the

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with the intensity of the inflammation. In their origin

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per minute. Paralysis of the heart may take place quite unexpectedly,

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into the right lung, which was confirmed with chest