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* On tliis sub-ject see, however, Dr Bristowe's remarks in the 3rd vol. of the * St

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'*, 2-methyl-2-n-propyl-l , 3-propanediol dicarbamate — I/ S. Patent 2,724,720

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Yet the general climatic character of eastern coasts may be traced

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portion of cases of perirectal abscesses, the bacillus is

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Section of liver in an advanced state of fatty (a) Empty envelope of an hepatic cell,

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rily. The choice of the antiseptic, if any, to be used with

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which has been previously filtered, is allowed to pass through

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Page xlvi note 1. Fepht occurs in this sense in the gloss. Ariolorum

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Itill 312, S. — Relating to jury trial for a person

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good results. Dr. Williams, supplying the date of twelve cases treated by