Passing over the next ten years, in every one of which except

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The signs in the three first were swelling of the face, eyelids, hands, and extremities,

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symptoms so closely resembling those of irritant poisoning, as to be easily

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immodiiitely developed in their place ; wliei'oas they all disappear after, but not

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word-centres when the corresponding centres in the right hemisphere

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by the child's walking or not walking. In the former, the natural an-

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one of the legally constituted Colleges of Surgeons in the

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sons are swallowed, or in which acrid substances are

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ultimately the decision should lie in the hands of the

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the development of a male ookinete into a male trypanosome.

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interstitial tissue increases in amount, so it loses its rosy translucent

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through the intervention and influence of the persistent aicdholic condition.

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It must be recollected that the turning point in this

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organization of the Society in 1850, presented the Society with

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cases a small amount of sanious fluid will at times

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impression. Finally, the a rays form a very intense bundle,

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last meeting adopted the following preamble and resolu-

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has other uses which make it worthy of special mention. It

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same operation was performed subsequently by the same surgeon on two

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angle of the scapula on the injured side, when the arm was raised above

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stricted feeling in true angina. The name of pseudo-angina has been given

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and by being phiced in a great chair near the bed-side, or by being

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ratory operation in a case of internal obstruction, the patient dying shortly

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this circumstance, was retained for some time, and exhibited as a curious

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increases. The patient is at length obliged to discontinue any active

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Now for a very notable contrast. The last season ( 1 828)

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tion, 4 years; severity, 2, 3. [Seven sittings ; complete relief.*] Has