which he may have made a subject of study after having received that
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The Women's Hospital (30 beds) is under the control of the Faculty
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the muscles of the neck. The severest respiratory disturbances, and finally
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Hospiiai, This occupies two years. The Diploma is not granted to any one
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as to the origin of purulent inflammations, by the assumption that the trauma
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as they are wholly inefficacious. [It is often of advantage to prescribe thor-
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on this product. Know s<»aething ^bout where oysters grow, how they are
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ory, and sleeplessness. The peculiar nervous anxiety and the irritable dis-
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in Surgery must be examined both in writing and viva voce : First, on
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which can depend only on a paralysis of the sympathetic.
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Harold Clifford Wagner, M.D., Instructor in Medicine.
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associated with this or which in rare cases may occur by itself. This dis-
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us pronounced hysteria. The basis of all these three states is — figuratively
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Chemiatiy, and a Students' Library, well supplied with medioal books and
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tional disturbances, excessive mental exertion, anxiety, and passion, are some-
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sections: University of Dublin, Boyal College of Surgeons, Ireland,
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Symptoms. — An accurate distinction between acute inflammations of the
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the candidate was born, or, where such extract is unattainable, by his own
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be confused with tabes. These also cause, under some circumstances, lancinat-
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if a distinct apoplectic attack or a pronounced hemiplegia does not ensue,
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Surgery and who have completed satisfactorily an amount of advanced work equiva-
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students' waiting room, library, museum, laboratories, together with a
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(" dorso-sacral longitudinal bundle") also shows descending secondary de-
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brain, if any persistent cerebral symptoms arise. The peculiarities of the
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Re^ulatfofis!^ ' ' accordance with Poultry Products Inspection
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Natwrdl History, — ^For the ordinary work of the course are recom-
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where there is cerebral syphilis (q. v.). Senile softening is inferred from the
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1. Nostrils - open through the upper part of the beak.
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. figure downward to the closest 1/4 lb, and exp>«ss as a decimal.
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sold. Secaiise of the increased possibility of survival of pathogenic Dacteria, cheese
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2. CCftjRSE D€SCRIPTI(m. This 11 week, 2 day course trains aln^ to perform duties
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notified, and the diploma is handed to him by the Dean.
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years' standing. Candidates must be 24 years of age, and must write
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the degenerating fibers have assumed. We shall see in a later section that this