ingitis can be attributed to influenza. The disease can complicate or be com-
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The pre-operative X-ray report in this case was as follows :
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superficial veins become enlarged, the abscess with more or less ra-
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no death that has occurred has been referred to the localized effect
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which is almost overlooked by the majority of writers, in this
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contagious miasmatic, or a purely contagious disorder. The great rapidity
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Mrs. W., 46. Menorrhagia for 3 years. Hemoglobin 50%.
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stricture of the rectum caused by dysentery.'' And yet my
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frequent, but at the same time the least grave. In some of these cases there
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medical and allied professions have a distinct personal right
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by several minute soft dark spots. Microscopic examination of the
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the blood with uric acid, thus completely accounting for the
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discussed, including syphilis. After nineteen years' continuous
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as a rule, but during periodical drunken debauches she was careless as
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The Relation of Arterial Hypoplasia to Cardiac Disease.
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Friday evening, just five days after the onset of pain.
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Family History. — Paternal good ; maternal good. Five of family
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as holding very decidedly to the opinion that no real advance has
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partum hemorrhage followed, but was easily checked ; the maternal decidua
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depths have not been revealed to him. Speaking as one who has
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means as well as the finger can the cardiac opening of the
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of the old gourd that hung at the well, or to linger in the blue
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can preserve health only by rigid adherence to a peculiar dietary, for
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A second case exhibited a bilateral fibrinous inflammation of the lungs, and
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for travel is the pursuit of health. Some large trading vessels lay them-
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lets, only recognizable on microscopic examination. A further difference
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Variola has found a worthy pen in the hands of Blackader, and Plant
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breast, the lymph-glands of the axilla being secondarily involved. A dense
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considerations, any infections process of chronic type, not amenable